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Re: Debian packages and Bruce Hohl Install

Chris Travers writes:
> in the RPM's the fear is that if these are ever included in a repository
> that might be used during installation, we can;t guarantee that
> PostgreSQL is running at the time of installation.

In a Debian package we should then fall back to an alternative such as a
high-priority Debconf question.

> I suppose that we could try to start PostgreSQL if it is not already
> started...

Not a good idea.  If it isn't running the admin probably doesn't want it

> Secondly, since we can't guarantee that an appropriate MTA is running at
> the time of installation...

The message would also be stored in /usr/share/doc/ledgersmb/README.debian
by a Debian package with the password in a file in /etc/ledgersmb.  A
Debconf question could also be used.

> ...it would be better to create a file in the /root/ directory that would
> have that information if we find that we should go this route.

A policy-compliant Debian package could not do that.
John Hasler 
Elmwood, WI USA