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Re: Thoughts on Voiding Invoices

On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 11:28 -0400, Christopher Murtagh wrote:
>   I don't think I'll go the WWW::Mechanize route though. I haven't
> used it before, but it seems like glue on top of the existing web UI,
> whereas I'm more interested in replacing the current UI altogether -
> at least bypassing it for the moment (if I'm missing something about
> WWW::Mechanize, please feel free to enlighten me). This would make the
> XML API somewhat of a standalone app, as it wouldn't necessarily
> interact with any other LegerSMB code, just with the database
> (although, I will use LegerSMB modules if/wherever possible).

Nope, your not missing anything.

I'll be one of the first to help out to create an open reusable API for
LedgerSMB and WWW::Mechanize has no place in such an API. Defining such
an API and changing the web interface of LedgerSMB to use the API is
something I think should be high on the priority list. I think that this
is one of the first steps that needs to be done on the road to making
LedgerSMB into the infrastructure program it should be. Someone's going
to have to convince me that this API should be XML based though, I'm not
on the XML bandwagon yet.

The point about using WWW::Mechanize was not that it should become part
of the core application but rather that it was an easy way of leveraging
the cumbersome API that was and still is part of SQL Ledger.
OpenLedger's resources and to some extent its goals were more limited
than this project.

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