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Re: Thoughts on Voiding Invoices

Hi Tony;

On 9/25/06, Tony Fraser <..hidden..> wrote:

If you do I'm willing to accept patches/contributions (I'm a developer
on the project). :-)

I can't recommend what is in CVS though, I didn't write any of it. most
of it was written by the project admin and it works for him (tm). I
don't think it will work with new schema versions as it by-passes the
application logic in SQL Ledger and directly manipulates the database.

Sorry to hear that.

I can't remember if it is posted in a public place or not but I did
write/propose the start of a OO Perl interface to SQL Ledger that used
HTTP::Mechanize in the background... The idea went right over the heads
of the other project members and didn't go anywhere.

Well, I think there are two better options at the moment.  I know
Chris Murtagh is looking at creating an XML inerface.  It might be
worth collaborating with him on this sort of thing.

For a local interface, it might be nice to have a lightweight API wrapper.

I also spent quite a bit of time preparing a dia diagram (UML I think)
of a possible interface for a Business::Ledger CPAN distribution (with
similar intent as Business::OnlinePayment) that would be a generic API
to any double entry accounting system through the use of system specific
drivers. The idea being that OpenLedger could supply a SQL Ledger

This idea might also be useful in creating a light-weight API wrapper.

Just an idea....

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers