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Re: Thoughts on Voiding Invoices

On Sunday 24 September 2006 13:35, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> > I am all for manufacturing support, but I think that the core team is
> > not in a position to make sure that the problems are well enough
> > understood to make it work nor will we have the time while we are
> > trying to make this software go from "the best open source accounting
> > app" to "the best accounting app."
> Well to be clear, my goal is to make a replacement for QuickBooks and
> PeachTree. We can focus on anything else later.

My $.02 --

I'm being paid to support this app in a manufacturing context.  But first, and 
foremost, I'm interested in a Clean, Modular, Well thought out, and  
Pluggable API and codebase so that LedgerSMB can be  trivially extended in 
just about any direction.  I want to get the code base in such a shape that 
it can work on mod_perl, and scale up to handle many simultaneously 
transactions per second.

There's tremendous value in a package that's a solid accounting core, and 
easily extendable to move into other industries.  I've seen at one of my 
other clients, a CNC Machining shop, another accounting app, but all focused 
on job and work flow in a CNC Shop.

I emphasize the clean plugable API, because this permits users supporting the 
app to add in features on a whim (LIFO inventory, okay in by default.  FIFO 
inventory, Random inventory, whatever, install the right module, and it's 
there. )  Look at some other successful applications with Plugable APIs: 
WinAMP, Dashboard, Konfabulator, etc.  A rich community quickly popped up and 
made many little widgets and plugins for each application.  The more folks 
interested in the app, developing for it, the stronger the userbase will be.