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Re: Thoughts on Voiding Invoices

On Sun, 2006-09-24 at 08:56 -0700, Chris Travers wrote:

> You seem to be the only one who disagrees with this.  Perhaps you can
> share with us some accounting resources that make your case?
I cannot remember all the details now, i looked at it 10 years ago.
However I thought more today, and remembered that one factor dictating
how to deal with it was whether it was a discrete or bulk item. The
bottom line : the way I designed what I did, based on what I was told -
I recorded every discrete item as a row in the database, so its actual
cost was directly attached, and irrespective of what happened to that
item, its cost never changed (unless you returned and repurchased it at
another price). Bulk items are different, as cost is calculated, as
units of order-multiple are dealt with.

Anyway, as stated before, you need to decide what the scope of this app
is, and how far and if/when you are going to add value-add operations
support to what started as an accounting program.

If this makes no sense to anyone, feel feel to ignore it.