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Re: Thoughts on Voiding Invoices

On Sat, 2006-09-23 at 10:54 +1000, David Tangye wrote:
> I suggest that the user will need to make that decision, as an invoice
> might be printed off, checked visually, found to be completely wrong
> or
> unneeded, or no longer billable, and thrown in the bin. Now all he
> needs
> to do is tell the system 'reverse that invoice, return/check back in
> any
> parts checked out against it'.

Yes. I was just discussing that with my wife! I'm not the accountant as
you can see. My job has been supporting the three companies she's been
running for over 4 years with SL, and as stated in my public support
mail, we are planning the migration to LedgerSMB ASAP. 

> > > Part 2:  Product Returns
> > > 
> > > I think we can all agree that product returns ought to be treated
> > > similar to a repurchase at the last cost of goods sold value. 
> Shouldn't the system to able compare the price of the goods as sold,
> compare that to the price last sold and also the current price maybe,
> and if there are any differences, give the user the option to choose,
> either at the time or via a preset preference.

If the company uses "notes of credit" as we call them here, then the
merchandise should return at last cost (it's like buying the
merchandise). If you are voiding the invoice completely, they should be
returned at the cost of the date of the original invoice. But your idea
of giving the user the choice is probably correct also, because the
company can always decide at what price it will receive the goods (they
might decide to receive the goods at a lower price as a return policy
for example, or if the goods have been damaged, opened, etc.). Questions
arise with services though, but that's probably an entirely different

My wife is working on the wish list and we will discuss all the needs
that we have found these past years with examples.