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Re: Calling all testers: 1.1 now in feature freeze

On 9/18/06, David Tangye <..hidden..> wrote:
Who is actually testing the app at this point in time?

I am in the process of running through a number of tests, but it is
better to have others check also.  I have already fixed *major*
problems with dataset creation.   These problems were severe enough to
cause template1 corruption but all known problem areas here have been
corrected :-)

Often the bugs we are finding are actually due to problems during code
cleanup.  I.e. deleting one or two too many lines, tabs in front of
HTTP headers, and the like.

A few bugs have been caused by other things (design changes and the
like).  It is expected that the vast majority of bugs found will
involve dataset creation and backup.

On Mon, 2006-09-18 at 13:51 -0700, Chris Travers wrote:
> The following changes have thus far been accepted:
That's a good list of improvements. Good work.

> Note that we recommend doing so on a testing server as some things
> like dataset creation require connections to template1 (which we
> really don't want to get messed up).
'We'? Who you speaking on behalf of?

I don't want your template1 messed up and neither do you ;-)

> Known issues include:
> 1)  Backup is broken.
What happened here? Is it just that the backup creation script needs
changes in alignment with the schema changes?

The SQL-Ledger code we inherited is somewhat phobic of things like
pg_dump becuse their installation instructions breaks this.  The
backup appears to be broken because of oddities of how it works.  I
will have more info later tonight once I fix the problem if you are
interested :-)

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers