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Re: Installation under Ubuntu 16.04

> That is: is your goal to run 1.5.0-development version? Or is your goal to
> run 1.4.33/1.4.34? The instructions you're following are definitely related
> to 1.5 installation (and not really good instructions for 1.4, as indicated
> by the sentence "Please note that installation of version 1.5 is completely
> different from the installation of versions 1.4 or earlier" in the
> instructions). Since you're installing from package though, you shouldn't be
> required to do much more than you already have on the steps above.

My goal is to install a stable, production-ready release.
If I understood correctly, v1.5 is not final yet. So I chose v1.4.
I have also installed PostgreSQL v9.6.1: I hope this is OK.

Ok. Then you're going by the correct route. 9.6.1 should be fine and so should installing 1.4 be. The best in the 1.4 series we have is 1.4.34, but it's probably best to stick with packages for now, so then you're probably good with 1.4.33 until the .34 packages hit the repositories.
I did a new installation on a "really fresh"(tm) Ubuntu Server 16.04.1.
It worked. Almost.

As soon as I pointed my browser to
I got the "Database Management Console" where I asked to create a new
database (with the credentials defined at the package installation stage).

Ok. So far so good. That's the intended response of the system.
I chose my country code (it) and a subsequent account chart (cc2424).

Still good.
Then I chose to load "demo_with_images" and,

Still expected.
finally, I entered the
details for the ledgersmb username with "full permissions".
Then ... BANG!

Hmm. That's pretty unexpected. You basically had all the steps right. What username did you use, if I may ask? Is that the same username as the one you used to log into setup.pl? Maybe I can reproduce locally to help you through this step.
I got an error page saying:

25P02:ERROR: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until
end of transaction block at /usr/share/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB.pm line
dbversion: 1.4.34-dev, company:

If I go back to setup.pl I can see the database is there, I can ask to
rebuild it, but cannot login as (I think) I am missing the company

Ok. But if you can log into the database through setup.pl, then you can also create a new user which you can then use to log in through login.pl.



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