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Installation under Ubuntu 16.04

Hi all.

I'd like to evaluate LedgerSMB on my UbuntuServer 16.04.

I've installed the package "ledgersmb" with "apt install"
and a number of other packages got pulled along.
At the end apache wasn't even starting because the
mod_rewrite wasn't enabled.
I fixed this by running "sudo a2enmod rewrite".
I also filed a bug because of this:

But now when I point my browser to,
it tries to download the file "login.pl" instead of
having it executed into the Apache2 environment.

This surely means that mod_perl isn't working,
despite I can see it installed and enabled.

Any hint?

Thanks in advance

Once it will be fixed I'll file a bug to Ubuntu and Debian in
order to have it fixed for everyone.

Vincenzo Romano - NotOrAnd.IT
Information Technologies

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