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Re: setup.pl error on fresh 1.5 installation

On 06.06.2016 13:53, Erik Huelsmann wrote:

On Mon, Jun 6, 2016 at 12:09 PM, Silver Salonen <..hidden..> wrote:
But I was in a state that after clicking either Login or Create from setup.pl nothing really happened, ie. the same page is displayed with everything pre-filled, but username not selected now.
Hmm. I have not seen anything like this, recently. Is there anything in the PostgreSQL logs, or Starman output  (logs?) which could be used to determine if requests happened and what their result might have been?

If you have time today, you could drop by in #ledgersmb on freenode (irc://irc.freenode.net/#ledgersmb), or join that channel through the Matrix IRC bridge and Matrix's webclient Vector: https://vector.im/develop/#/room/#ledgersmb:matrix.org; This feels like a problem that we might need/want to debug more interactively.

Sorry, cannot come by IRC daytime (during work).

I don't see anything in logs (didn't set any custom log settings in PostgreSQL, everything should go to syslog by default, but nothing's there).

Anyhow, a bit more details about what happens...

I go to setup.pl, choose lsmb_dbadmin from super-user list, enter password and database (doesn't matter whether it's existing or non-existing) and click Login or Create (doesn't also matter which one) and all this is sent by GET request, ie. the URL becomes:


So the page is the same, but Password and Database fields pre-filled (Super-user not selected though).

Is that normal?

PS. Tried changing form's method to POST in UI/setup/credentials.html, but that didn't change the behavior.

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