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Re: setup.pl error on fresh 1.5 installation

FreeBSD uses its own rc scripts. The standard one for Starman can be seen here: https://svnweb.freebsd.org/ports/head/www/p5-Starman/files/starman.in?revision=340872&view=markup

I then defined the startup like this in /etc/rc.conf:
starman_flags="-I /usr/local/www/ledgersmb15/lib/ --listen :5055 --error-log /var/log/starman.log"

But that way includes were missing, configuration could not be found etc. When I use my own script then it works.

Ok. What you could do, possibly, is changing the starman.psgi file to include:

chdir "/usr/local/www/ledgersmb15";

as the first line after the shebang -- that is before any other - actual-code. If that doesn't work, you might consider:

  chdir ...;

Yep, the one with BEGIN made the official rc script work :)

Great news! Do you have anything you want/need us to add to http://ledgersmb.org/topic/installing-ledgersmb-15 or https://github.com/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB/blob/master/README.md based on your installation experience?




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