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Re: setup.pl error on fresh 1.5 installation


On 04.06.2016 23:31, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
Hi Silver,

Thanks, didn't think it's possible that it's an official separate module :-)

Since beta6, it's possible to use cpanm to install all dependencies. It should have retrieved that (and all other) modules for you. Did "cpanm --installdeps ." miss it?

Currently no dependencies seem to be missing. I also don't find this "Scripts" from CPAN. It's something else than dependency, isn't it?
But now there's another weird error:

Unable to open script: LedgerSMB::Scripts::setup : No such file or directory: Attempt to reload LedgerSMB/Scripts/setup.pm aborted.
Compilation failed in require at (eval 554) line 1.

What command do you use to start starman? I'm using:

 ledgersmb-root-dir$ starman -Ilib tools/starman.psgi

My script is as follows:
cd /usr/local/www/ledgersmb15/
/usr/local/bin/starman master -I lib/ --listen :5055 --error-log /var/log/starman.log --daemonize --user www --group www --pid /var/run/starman/starman.pid --app tools/starman.psgi

PS. Is there a way to say to starman where its working directory is so that it's not necessary to cd into it first? It's what makes it not possible to use FreeBSD official startup script so far.

I'm not aware of such an option, no. Which official startup script do you mean? Starman's, LedgerSMB's or a generic SysV startup script to be used with all FreeBSD daemons?

FreeBSD uses its own rc scripts. The standard one for Starman can be seen here: https://svnweb.freebsd.org/ports/head/www/p5-Starman/files/starman.in?revision=340872&view=markup

I then defined the startup like this in /etc/rc.conf:
starman_flags="-I /usr/local/www/ledgersmb15/lib/ --listen :5055 --error-log /var/log/starman.log"

But that way includes were missing, configuration could not be found etc. When I use my own script then it works.

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