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Re: PostgresSQL versions

On Thu, 2012-10-25 at 06:38 -0400, lrspares45 wrote:
> OK, I've just done a complete install of LSMB 1.2.18-1 (from
> sourceforge) and I get:
   I think I can do something about that (the packaging, anyway...<g>).
Is that 1.2.18 version required for some reason or is it just that
that's the one you found as a debian package?

> 'Dependency is not satisfiable:  postrgressql-client-8.1|
> postgressql-client-8.2|posrgtresql-client-8.3'

   If you're on v12.04, that would be 8.4 or 9.1 that you're wanting to