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Re: Still Cannot Log In

I'm getting the impression the impression from other mails that the upgrade 1.2 to 1.3 isn't 'routine' so to speak - I have to say a little more info about this on the LSMB site could have saved an awful lot of time. I guess I'm not up to this these days. What versions of Postgres does 1.2.xx support, and will I have any problems restoring the dbase from backup?

I'm going to completely remove LSMB and Postgres9.x and try again from scratch with 1.2.xx


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On Tue, 2012-10-23 at 07:43 -0400, lrspares45 wrote:
> I tried 
> that was accepted ok, but made no odds to logging in
   Logging in, to?  (It's used for setup.pl, not for login.pl...)

> Creating a new dbase worked just fine - login is ok :-)
> I'm guessing that's significant!

> Is the root of the problem actually the dbase conversion failing I wonder? 

   Certainly could be; and if the conversion fails, IIRC, the initial
user of the new v1.3 database doesn't get created...
   Various constraints were tightened up in v1.3, so there can be issues
caused by that when attempting to migrate a company database from v1.2
to v1.3; issues with names, for instance. Improvements have been made
since v1.3.18 but can still be done on that version, IIRC; it just needs
more intervention by the admin...


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