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Re: Running away from SQL-Ledger

On Wed, 2010-04-21 at 20:01 +0500, Armaghan Saqib wrote:
> Absolutely not. Chris has worked really hard and also provides
> extensive/free support on this mailing list which is as good as any
> commercial support or even better. And we are all really grateful to
> him
> (and other contributors as well) (and I have not yet contributed any
> thing to the project)

Ah, I understand.

> I think things are bit out of hand. I think 1.3's complexity has
> caused
> all the delay. And now we are talking about 2.0 as well. Now as far as
> I
> am concerned, I shall not migrate to 1.3 for a short period of time if
> I
> know that soon 2.0 is going to be released. Not sure what you or
> others
> will do.
> I started evaluating 1.3 earlier this year but stopped after getting
> so
> many installation issues. Finally I have decided that there is no harm
> to use LSMB 1.2 for new customers (who are asking for LSMB) instead of
> waiting for 1.3 release. But I am not moving customers from SL to LSMB
> with many years of data.

Perhaps people staying at 1.2 longer will provide the required support.

Best regards.