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Re: Running away from SQL-Ledger

Luis E. Muñoz wrote:
However, the inspection of the codebase that I did while researching
this incident, as well as the rest of what I found, provided all the
justification we needed to jump ship. At the time we'll keep running an
Etch version until we close this FY. Then we can start with a clean
slate, hopefully.
Hi Luis, I can understand your position but here are few other issues:

1. LedgerSMB 1.2 support will discontinue soon. (In a year or so)
2. LedgerSMB 1.3 (a quite different db structure) is not in production yet and we don't have any time estimate when it will be.
3. LedgerSMB 2.0 (an entirely different beast) development has been started.

So you will be going through upgrade pains/user trainings etc. after every 1-2 years for a number of years. For an accounting software upgrading every 1-2 years is not all that pleasant.

Though I have started supporting a number of my own clients running LedgerSMB 1.2 and doing some custom development as well and going to offer the hosting too in a week or so, I am concerned about these issues and have always adviced my existing customers with long term SL commitment to just wait and see before things get stable.

And there is absolutely no double about better quality of code in LSMB when compared to SL.