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Re: Running away from SQL-Ledger

On Tue, 2010-04-20 at 19:59 -0700, ..hidden.. wrote:
> no need to run...it has to do with perl and certain platforms.
> checkout
> the links below...we were able to solve it in an afternoon. just
> recompile
> perl without the usethread option. we are using sl 2.8.17., and will
> be
> using it probably for the next ten years as we had invested a lot of
> times
> in replication and paperless invoice. upgrading will be a nightmare.
> hey,
> the last time we used some 2002 version for 7 years. so not bad...good
> luck...tim 

Thanks Tim.

We found the info you kindly pointed us to before asking the question.
In some cases, the error goes away, although it is not related to
threads -- threads are not in use in our setup. There are reports from
users that followed the advice, and the problem persisted.

For a concise counter example, see




Note that the developers report that the bug has always been there, yet
Perl now detects the problem and complains loudly.

Likely we could compile an older, additional Perl -- this would be a
better solution than replacing the system's Perl -- but it turned out to
be way easier for us to keep a chroot with the old system while needed
(or until a suitable Perl patch is added to Debian's).

However, the inspection of the codebase that I did while researching
this incident, as well as the rest of what I found, provided all the
justification we needed to jump ship. At the time we'll keep running an
Etch version until we close this FY. Then we can start with a clean
slate, hopefully.

Best regards