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Running away from SQL-Ledger

Hi there,

My company was bitten by the bug


after upgrading to Debian Lenny. I'm currently running SQL-Ledger
2.8.16-1 (the version that ships with Lenny).

We would like to move away from SL, so LedgerSMB was a clear option. We
would like to migrate the existing datasets (or at least, the part of
them we use -- we have a few historic datasets that can be left where
they are).

I tried installing the .deb packages for 1.2.17 and 1.2.18. I
successfully created a test user but of course, am unable to login when
using the old SL schema/datasets.

This is my SL schema version

ourdb=> select * from defaults where fldname='version';
 fldname | fldvalue 
 version | 2.8.8
(1 row)

However, according to the UPGRADE file, I should have a Pg-upgrade-*
file allowing me to carry on from this version. The most recent schema
upgrade file I have, is Pg-upgrade-2.6.7-2.6.12.sql,

At #ledgersmb I was pointed to 1.2.21, which I'm now downloading to
examine as I write this. 

What are the upgrade options available?

Best regards.