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Re: Multiple currency setup and unbalanced general ledger transactions

Michael Richardson wrote:
>>>>>> "Nigel" == Nigel Titley <..hidden..> writes:
>     Nigel> However, let me re-state my immediate problem:
>     Nigel> 1. I have unbalanced transactions which I want to get rid
>     Nigel> of... how do I do it?
> Can you screenshot this please?
> Unbalanced transactions generally do not occur in the system, but, my
> experience is that sometimes transactions appear unbalanced because
> they are viewed with the wrong foreign currency options.
This lack of balance appears in the Trial Balance report. I'm not sure
that I can change the currency options there.
Everything has balanced since the beginning of the year up to this
payment. What exactly do you want to see? I'm happy to send a screen
shot directly to you.
> What I understood is that perhaps you have a rounding error where a
> customer has underpaid by 0.01 units.
No this isn't a rounding error. I could cope with that.