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Re: Multiple currency setup and unbalanced general ledger transactions

>>>>> "Nigel" == Nigel Titley <..hidden..> writes:
    Nigel> All of this is very helpful for the future, although I must
    Nigel> admit to being slightly annoyed that I can't properly track
    Nigel> things in my Euro checking account (even gnucash lets me do
    Nigel> that), but it leaves two questions unanswered:

  I have no such problems.

    Nigel> 1. Why did I get an unbalanced transaction entered in the
    Nigel> first place (I think this is a bug). Remember, all I did was
    Nigel> enter a receipt in the normal way.  2. How can I fix it? (the
    Nigel> suggestion about rolling back to the back up isn't really
    Nigel> practical)

  Send screen shots or details.
  I don't fully understand the problem, I think.

    Nigel> To fix it can I enter a reversing unbalanced transaction? Or
    Nigel> must I go into the database and pull out the transaction by
    Nigel> the roots?

  You will likely have to enter a transaction against your
foreign-exchange gain/loss expense account.

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