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Re: Multiple currency setup and unbalanced general ledger transactions

Michael Richardson wrote:
>     Nigel> All of this is very helpful for the future, although I must
>     Nigel> admit to being slightly annoyed that I can't properly track
>     Nigel> things in my Euro checking account (even gnucash lets me do
>     Nigel> that), but it leaves two questions unanswered:
>   I have no such problems.
The problem is that LSMB does not allow you to create accounts in
currencies other than your base currency (see my original description
for the the full details, but basically I do almost everything in GBP,
but have a EUR account for taking payments from customers who wish to
pay in Euros).
>     Nigel> 1. Why did I get an unbalanced transaction entered in the
>     Nigel> first place (I think this is a bug). Remember, all I did was
>     Nigel> enter a receipt in the normal way.  2. How can I fix it? (the
>     Nigel> suggestion about rolling back to the back up isn't really
>     Nigel> practical)
>   Send screen shots or details.
>   I don't fully understand the problem, I think.
OK. The sequence is:

1. Customer wishes to be invoiced in Euros, so I set the currency type
on the invoice to be EUR and post it. No problems here. I've done this
many times in the past.
2. Customer pays me by direct bank transfer into the Euro checking account
3. I go to Cash -> Receipts, and set the receiving account to be the
Euro account, set the exchange rate to be 1 and post the payment.
4. All initially seems to be fine, the invoice(s) seem to be paid, but
when I run a trial balance, the books no longer balance and I now have
unbalanced transactions relating to this payment
>     Nigel> To fix it can I enter a reversing unbalanced transaction? Or
>     Nigel> must I go into the database and pull out the transaction by
>     Nigel> the roots?
>   You will likely have to enter a transaction against your
> foreign-exchange gain/loss expense account.
But it is no good entering a balanced transaction to try and fix an
unbalanced one!
LSMB has created an unbalanced transaction in response to a perfectly
valid operation. This is a bug, in my view, and I have to 1) recover
from it 2) make sure I can work around it in the future.