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Re: Linking payments to invoices

Hi Matthew,

We have built some approach for a modified version of sql-ledger, and
we are building this
now on trunk.

Basically what we did is a prepayment/overpayment system that allows
you to "use" (link) this payments
against invoices latter, so you can track both payments without an
invoice and overpayment linkage.

2009/2/24 Chris Travers <..hidden..>:
> On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 5:00 AM, Matthew Kent <..hidden..> wrote:
>> We have a small problem I hope you can provide some insight on. Our
>> data capturer has captured payments for invoices through the general
>> ledger section as apposed to capturing them against invoices. Is there
>> a way we can link these payments to the invoices so that our debtors
>> balances correctly? I am fairly competent with databases as I am a
>> developer myself, so if there is a way we can create the association
>> in the database I will be prepared to try that route as apposed to
>> undoing all the work done to this point.
> The current database schema doesn't seem to handle things this way (it
> is somewhat braindead in how payments are tracked at the moment).
> I see two options at this point (outside of undoing the work):
> 1)  You could help us get to where payments are GL entries (where we
> want to be for 1.4)
> What would be needed here would be redoing the outstanding reports and
> transactions reports (in AA.pm), and providing a linking table.
> 2)  We could come up with a way to automatically take the data you
> have, reverse it, and add proper payments.
> Without knowing how this came in, I can't comment, but given that you
> are trying to associate everything this shouldn't be out of the
> question.
> Best WIshes,
> Chris Travers
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