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Getting up and running on Windows?

Is there a "quick guide" on how to install LedgerSMB on Windows? For a
variety of reasons, I want to run LedgerSMB on a Windows Vista 64-bit
laptop. I have PostgreSQL up and running, and I have ActivePerl as
well. (and Komodo and NetBeans 6.5, but that's another story) :)

I do have a fallback -- I'm running VMware Server on the machine and
have an openSUSE 11.1 guest built. So if I have to, I can simply build
another guest to hold a LedgerSMB server. And I've got VMware
Workstation on my main Linux machine, so I could drop back to VMware
Player on the laptop. But I'd prefer to run LedgerSMB natively, since
I will always be accessing it from Windows on the laptop, never from
anywhere else.

Speaking of openSUSE, LedgerSMB is packaged now for openSUSE, but it
is in a contributed repository rather than the main one. They have
1.2.17 at the moment. I am going to ask them to put it in the main
repository for 11.2, which I think is due out around June. Are there
likely to be any new releases in the near future?

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky

I've never met a happy clam. In fact, most of them were pretty steamed.