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Re: Linking payments to invoices

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 5:00 AM, Matthew Kent <..hidden..> wrote:
> We have a small problem I hope you can provide some insight on. Our
> data capturer has captured payments for invoices through the general
> ledger section as apposed to capturing them against invoices. Is there
> a way we can link these payments to the invoices so that our debtors
> balances correctly? I am fairly competent with databases as I am a
> developer myself, so if there is a way we can create the association
> in the database I will be prepared to try that route as apposed to
> undoing all the work done to this point.

The current database schema doesn't seem to handle things this way (it
is somewhat braindead in how payments are tracked at the moment).

I see two options at this point (outside of undoing the work):
1)  You could help us get to where payments are GL entries (where we
want to be for 1.4)

What would be needed here would be redoing the outstanding reports and
transactions reports (in AA.pm), and providing a linking table.

2)  We could come up with a way to automatically take the data you
have, reverse it, and add proper payments.

Without knowing how this came in, I can't comment, but given that you
are trying to associate everything this shouldn't be out of the

Best WIshes,
Chris Travers