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Re: Prepayment

Michael Richardson wrote:

  How do you transfer the amount from the Client X (which is paid), to
Client X contract work? Or are you saying "Client X contract work" is where you put your
expenses for servicing that client?
Hi Michael  (sent again - can't see where it went - sorry if we have twice)
We don't transfer the paid amount at all - and have often said that we should - to make a real contract system - but we don't. The overall profit and loss works well, but per customer it doesn't. We do a separate contract report to do this.

The problem is this: the client doesn't want to see a invoice for work done or goods supplied under contract, but does want to know if it was value for money. All contract work is done against the contract "client". Work specifically excluded is billed against the actual client.

We do supply a summary report showing the hours spent and the goods supplied. The client will generally see that they are ahead - because contract clients get preferential treatment and more time is spent for them. We have a different labour rates for contract work and these are generally lower than ad hoc work, so, from the client's perspective, they're doing even better. From our perspective more contracts is better for continuity of work.

So the report looks like this:
Client | Month Cost | Month Contract | YTD Cost | YTD Contract | YTD Profit
We also calculate this parts and labour.

We have tried other ways - this seems to work reasonably.
Hope this is of value.
David Sentinella
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