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Re: Fold marks on invoice

Here is what I did - I cannot remember where I got the information from or whether I had to install the Textpos package. It goes after the \begin{document} line.

% Each textblock* environment defines a single foldmark
% the syntax is:
%    \begin{textblock*}{WIDTH}(X-POSITION,Y-POSITION)\noindent
%      \rule{\hsize}{HEIGHT}
%    \end{textblock*}
% WIDTH, HEIGHT, X-POSITION, and Y-POSITION can be given in a variety
% of units. I prefer points (1/72 inch) because they are precise enough
% for almost anything.

I do PDF and print or email everything, so I know it works with PDF!
The marks are pretty close to 1/3 and 2/3 - I think I had to additionally modify the invoice so that the name and address showed through the window of the envelope type I tried.
BTW - this is letter sized paper.
Paul W

Del Miller wrote:
Is anyone out there using some sort of fold marks on the LaTex Invoice

It's a little thing but it'd be nice to have a fixed-on-the-page mark
(1/3 the way down the page) that allows me to fold my invoices
consistently for mailing.  It's also be nice to have the body of the
invoice start below said mark.   I've searched high and low through all
kinds of LaTex tutorials/sites and can't seem to come away with a clean
answer as to how to get this done -- perhaps I'm not looking for the
correct terminology.

Anybody have any suggestions?


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