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Re: drafting invoices

As for drafts specifically, I guess it would be helpful for some to be able to save invoices and other docs "in progress" -


I wonder how much extra
infrastructure is going to be required though to handle these "twilight zone" documents though - it ain't an invoice, and it ain't a sales order, it's some sort of embryonic thing that has no home in the current reporting or menu system, so some effort might be required in adding a new "state" for these docs. Others will likely have good ideas for solving this though so don't think I'm entirely against it, I just think it's not as simple as adding a "save" button to the invoice entry screen.

Personally I would probably want to turn drafts off - if you are doing an invoice, FINISH IT! It just opens up another hole for things to fall through imho, but I know it would suit some people's workflows better.