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Re: A little trouble installing 1.4.

On Fri, May 17, 2013 at 9:41 PM, Chris Calef <..hidden..> wrote:

"This can be worked around easily enough by logging in with psql (as postgres, any db), and CREATE USER '[username]' before creating the database. Then you can select 'yes' in the import option and this works properly. However it does need to be fixed before next beta."

Does [username] refer to my database user, ie "ledgersmb"?  Because that user already exists.  Or does it refer to my (within ledgersmb) system user?

[username] designates the user you want to use to log into ledgersmb; in your case that could be ccalef (mine is ehuelsmann). So, it wants you to log into your database:

$ su postgres
$ psql
postgres=#  create user "ccalef" password "yourpasswordhere";
posgres=# \q

And then start the process for creating your database through setup.pl. When setup.pl asks you for your initial user, use ccalef as the user, select "Yes" for "Import" and fill out all the other fields.

Hope that explains it.