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A little trouble installing 1.4.


In installing 1.4 from the svn, I ran into some confusion about the preferred (or any) method for creating the company database and populating it with the initial default users.

I tried running setup.pl and pointing it at a blank database, but it reported "unknown database".  Next I ran Pg-database.sql on that database, and things looked much better.  It got to the next stage and asked me if I wanted to update my LSMB install, and I said yes and it happily went and did that.

However, when I tried the Add User button I got a crash.

I went back out and tried to log in with the default users, and also got a crash, in apache log it reported that my user ledgersmb did not exist.  I believe "admin" reported bad login, instead of crashing, which is odd because when I checked in the database there were no users at all.

So I dug into prepare-company-database.sh.  I haven't been able to actually run the script yet, I am confused about the contrib directory - using Pg 9.1, do I still have one?  It seemed in some of the notes like that was no longer an present (?) and I can't find any of the files on my system which are supposed to be in there.

But I did find the admin__save__user function at the end of that script, and tried it in my database, and got what looked like positive results - user created, no errors returned, looking happy.

However, no matter what users / passwords I create here, login.pl invariably returns "bad login".  I can't find the table that has the actual password hash, but the rest of the user info appears to have been inserted correctly.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

Chris Calef