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Re: A little trouble installing 1.4.

Thanks, Erik!

Clearly my first problem was me trying to be too helpful, I didn't realize that setup.pl was going to create the database for me!

That being resolved, though, I tried it with a new name, and it looked good through the first user page, where I filled in all the fields appropriately. 

Things took a turn for the worse there, however.  My first attempt was to give myself full permissions, which gave me a "database error" from the program, and a whole load of errors in my apache error log (attached as "fullpermissions.error.log").  Then I went back and tried to switch my permissions to only "manage users", but with that I got the message "Cannot grant permissions to a non-existant user". In both cases, the error page  shows dbversion to be 1.4.0, but shows a blank under company. (?)  I typed in a company name to begin with, of course, and the associated database appears to be healthy and populated.

My second set of apache error logs is also attached as "manageusers.error.log".

I'll go back to poking away at it, but those are my results so far.

Thanks again!

On Fri, May 10, 2013 at 2:11 PM, Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi Chris,

Thanks for writing up your issues. I'm in the process of installing 1.4 (trunk) as well - also from svn.

On Fri, May 10, 2013 at 10:51 PM, Chris Calef <..hidden..> wrote:

In installing 1.4 from the svn, I ran into some confusion about the preferred (or any) method for creating the company database and populating it with the initial default users.

Although I'm running into issues as well (and fixing them), I can tell you what the preferred method is. The best approach is to use setup.pl. Fill out the password of the postgres or other superuser and the user name. In the database field, enter the name of a non-existing database. The setup application will ask you if it should create a new one. Confirm with "Yes".
I tried running setup.pl and pointing it at a blank database, but it reported "unknown database".  Next I ran Pg-database.sql on that database, and things looked much better.  It got to the next stage and asked me if I wanted to update my LSMB install, and I said yes and it happily went and did that.

If I understand correctly, you created a database before pointing setup.pl at it. Is that right? In that case, the above behaviour is expected: setup.pl can't find tables to identify the database as 1.2 or 1.3 -- since the database is initially empty and doesn't contain any tables at all...
However, when I tried the Add User button I got a crash.

Did you fill out all the fields? Notably, you also need to fill out the SSN/TaxID and Date of birth fields; they're both required.
I went back out and tried to log in with the default users, and also got a crash, in apache log it reported that my user ledgersmb did not exist.  I believe "admin" reported bad login, instead of crashing, which is odd because when I checked in the database there were no users at all.

So I dug into prepare-company-database.sh.  I haven't been able to actually run the script yet, I am confused about the contrib directory - using Pg 9.1, do I still have one?  It seemed in some of the notes like that was no longer an present (?) and I can't find any of the files on my system which are supposed to be in there.

The prepare-company-database.sh script hasn't been updated for the changes in user management between 1.3 and 1.4 yet. Good you point that out. I'll put that on the TODO list to make sure it works when 1.4 gets released.
But I did find the admin__save__user function at the end of that script, and tried it in my database, and got what looked like positive results - user created, no errors returned, looking happy.

However, no matter what users / passwords I create here, login.pl invariably returns "bad login".  I can't find the table that has the actual password hash, but the rest of the user info appears to have been inserted correctly.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

My last successful creation of a company database was using revision 5720. Maybe you could try that and report back about any issues you're experiencing? (Or your good fortune, of course!)

From there, I'll gladly help to fix trunk to get it back to stability to help you create a company with the current latest.



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