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Re: Site for LedgerSMB Forum

Joshua D. Drake wrote:
I am disagreeing. The main thrust of communication about all of the
above is mailing lists, not web based forums, with the exception of
maybe Ubuntu.

Ok, I see what you mean. However my assertion was never about what should be the -main- thrust of communication. That's decided by the community. I'm just saying that forums provide a way to get the more non-technical involved / interested in the product. Likewise with the exception of Ubuntu, those aforementioned applications are all targeted towards technical users. Ledger-SMB seems to be more targeting the small to medium business owner that can't afford an IT person and doesn't have the time or patience to learn how to use mailing lists.

While it would be wonderful, the dev team doesn't have to participate in the peer forums. What these people usually want is to know that people like them are using the product. They want to see other businesspeople with real-world solutions to real-world problems that might not even have anything to do with a software bug. If they have an -absolute- need to talk to the guys in charge, they have no problem with paying a couple of bucks (not tens or hundreds) to do it. They might even learn how to post to this list. But until they get invested into the program, that's not going to happen.

-Eloi George-