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Re: Self-documenting API Proposal

Hi Ed;

Not sure if you are aware that we are looking at some experimental (?)
REST support in 1.3.

My post was about the application to database API.  If we have an
intelligent database which contains its own object method to
relational procedure mappings, then it means that anyone who wants to
write an add-on in, say, ada, could do so...  (yeah, we were thinking
more along the lines of Python, but you never know what tasks people
will take on)

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 1/29/07, Ed W <..hidden..> wrote:

> Any ideas or feedback?

I haven't implemented it on a real project yet, but I like the look of
the REST approach (over say, SOAP or xmlrpc).

It's simple, and yet it follows the same structure as the main
application, so really all you are doing is saying that people can post
a given form to you either in XML or as an http form.  Basically the app
doesn't change, only the input and output of a given action change

So in terms of documentating it you just get your web browser out,
record the sequence of screens that you want to use and then write your
application to use the same screens just posting in XML and getting an
XML/PDF/JSON, etc, response back...


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