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Re: LedgerSMB companion projects (was: Light manufacturing modules....)

--- Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
> > I think this would be an appropriate time to ask a question I've been
> > holding: will the core LedgerSMB developers weigh in on what types of
> > LedgerSMB-related projects they would consider allowing to use the (or a)
> > repository on the eventual post-sourceforge LedgerSMB development servers?
> This certainly has come up in the past.  I am not sure we have a
> complete idea of how this is going to work yet.  I think we want to
> get more of our own infrastructure developed and tested before opening
> it up to other sub-projects, however.  I suspect that the next step
> will probably to move the public email lists onto our own servers.

Google groups would be fine. I don't see much benefit to taking on that
commodity infrastructure.

> And we need to get our community CMS better developed.

Yes, but it's already up and running on some version of Drupal, and is intended
for end-user documentation, correct? Post some links for requesting logins, and
it will self-start based on the availability of interested documenters.

The developer's repository and bug tracking system migration should proceed
independent of that CMS. Given the scope of planned changes to the codebase, at
the moment I'm more interested in the 2.0 development process than the 1.2
documentation process.

> And we still don't have a public demo up yet.

The existence of a representative demo dataset is probably called for there.
None of the potential users I ever showed the public SQL-Ledger demos could
look past the nonsense entries in the public demo instances. It did more harm
than good.

Until then, screenshots of good data with captions are preferable, I think. It
would be handy to have a selenium test suite to single-step through the demo
script so we could periodically regenerate the screenshots as the UI gets updated.

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