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Re: Language wars...

Hi Ed;

We have lookd at MVC concepts and frameworks.  We think the concepts
are a good fit, but we don't like the ORM-centric nature of the
frameworks.  This is actually something we have a relatively strong
concensus regarding in the core team.

Don't worry, we are planning to move the codebase to an MVC
architecture.  We just don't intend ot use any of the frameworks to do

The M is going to be nearly (but not entirely) contained in the db
itself.  The big difference between how we intend to do this and how
most MVC frameworks handle it is that we intend to make this layer
db-centric rather than use the DB just as a storage engine.

The V is going to include TT-based user interfaces for more
experimental features and XML/XSLT interfaces for more mature

The C is going to contain the rest of the code.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers