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Re: future of LedgerSMB

Ed W wrote:
>>>  From a crossplatform point of view I would have thought that Perl
>>> was actually about the best supported tool out there...?
>> No actually Python or Java is going to give us the best capability there.
> It's not really relevant, but I still reckon that Perl is more widely
> supported than Java.  For example Perl runs on Linux...

Uhh.. so does Java and Python.

> Also of course Perl has such a huge library of functions already
> available through CPAN....

Yes CPAN is nice but all the languages have similar things, just not as

>> I guarantee you we won't do rails. Rails has a dependency that enforces
>> bad database design, basically the requirement that a primary key be
>> artificial.
> I wasn't suggesting that Rails was used for a moment!
> However.... Just to take up your point, you *can* use any primary key
> column that you like with rails.  It's slightly more complicated if you
> insist on a compound key, but certainly you have few problems using
> arbitrarily named primary keys.  Essentially rails has a default name,
> but you can set the actual primary or foreign key col names in your
> model and everything works fine.

That doesn't inspire me.

> In summary, has anyone got any experience of Catalyst, and any reason
> why the whole product shouldn't slowly crawl into a Catalyst MVC
> framework (iteratively) over the next versions...?

If we were going to use a toolkit I would lean toward Catalyst (because
we are Perl based) or Django because it seems the most sane.

However, toolkits don't always help and a lot of times they just get in
the way. One of the biggest draws to these toolkits is the use of an ORM.

We will not use an ORM, until there is an ORM that does it right. So
far, every ORM I have seen is all about.. "OMG, SQL Bad, run programmer
run, you are too stupid to be efficient without me. Let me take care of
you, I feel your pain"

And the result is a program that ends up having to be optimized so badly
in the end that it wasn't worth the effort in the first place.

/me is biased because he makes a ton of money off of people using ORMs
and then wondering why their application is slow.


Joshua D. Drake

> Just an idea...
> Ed W
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