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Re: future of LedgerSMB

Chris Travers wrote:
Well, here is my sense (not that I am not sure there is a 100% firm concensus).

The core application is probably going to remain in Perl for the
foreseable future and probably far longer.  However, we are working on
adding hooks so that additional functionality could be added in other
languages.  Rewriting the entire application in Python seems both
unnecessary and time consuming, but that doesn't mean that Python
add-on's cannot be supported.

I think that sounds very sensible. For example Ruby on rails floats my boat, but the main thing here is the style of coding, not really the language itself.

From a crossplatform point of view I would have thought that Perl was actually about the best supported tool out there...? I like the idea of a more MVC architecture, (such as catalyst or whatever the perl equivalent is called?). However, it's just a coding style issue

Have a look at the new Rails 1.2 REST features, I think this is a very interesting approach to allow close integration with other languages and tools. The intent is that you can hook web applications together...

It would be quite cool to be able to use something like mod_perl though. I don't have a speed problem per-se with sql-ledger, but it would be nice to make it just a tad more snappy. At the moment it's just got a hint of lag each time you click something which does make it feel very much like a web app and not a decent front end application.

It's really interesting to see the speed of development right now

Good luck all!

Ed W