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Creating POs/Salesorders directly...


I'd like some confirmation of what I've found by turning on statement logging within postgres and watching the logs. Basically, creating purchase orders/sales orders involves inserting a record into the oe table (populating vendor_id or customer_id as appropriate), getting the id generated, and inserting the necessary records into the orderitems table with orderitems.trans_id set to oe.id. For both, a shipto record is created from the vendors/customers shipto information and associated with oe.id.

For purchase orders, if I don't enter my own PO number, I update the value of the default record to value + 1. Same goes for the order number for sales orders.

Have I left anything out? I don't have multiple warehouses so the inventory table doesn't seem to come into play. Shipping/receiving is not involved at this point, either.