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rest api

Can anyone point me to anything documenting this rest api?

Perhaps this is an API, usable from CLI too (without having to act like
a browser, and having to parse whatever layout is returned to get the data)?

on 12/27/06 16:35 Jason Rodrigues wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 December 2006 15:29, V Vivek wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am researching the  possibilities for integration of VTiger with LSMB
>> with plans that it has support for RESTful api at some level but cannot
>> find any in the svn head. Am I missing something?
> No, there is some REST stuff but a) I haven't committed it, and b) it 
> completely ignores authentication (for now).  I've used it successfully to 
> implement an AJAX Autocomplete mechanism, so far it implements Part and 
> customer lookup.
>> What do you think is the feasibility of such an endeavour ?
> It certanly is possible, and that is the intention of the REST API.
> What kind of documents would VTIGER have to GET/POST to the API?  New 
> customers?  Query existing customers?  Post sales orders/ Sales invoices?
>> Is DB-link a good idea for integration ? I was thinking manipulating
>> mysql(vtiger) from LSMB and manipulatin postgres(LSMB) from vtiger.
>> Do you think this is a good way to go around ? I fear getting stuck to
>> schemas for both vtiger and LSMB and worse part is loss of upgradeability.
> This also works.  Be mindful that we're adding more stored procedures to 
> manipulate the data in the schema in order to ensure data integrity and to 
> ensure that future versions of the schema continue to work 3rd party modules.
> Jason
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