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Re: Trac svn-integrated issue tracking system

On Mon, 2006-11-13 at 19:55 -0800, Chris Travers wrote:
> The old saying that "There is nothing more permanent than that which
> is temporary...."
> Just as a point, we have a backlog of infrastructure work we are
> trying to build to make this project better from a community
> perspective.  A possible and eventual move to Trac or an equivanent
> may make it onto our roadmap, but it isn't yet a priority (community
> CMS, live demos, a mailing list infrastructure we can support
> ourselves, and more are higher priorities than reviewing this
> decision).  Unfortunately, the infrastructure projects are already
> behind where we wanted them to be in part because getting the code
> into a securable and robust shape has been our top priority.
> So we are planning for growth.  And we are building infrastructure.
> This just isn't on the radar (yet).

Just to follow this up. We will likely move to Trac at some point or
something like it. If it was only up to me, we would likely move off
SourceForge as well. We are also looking at Drupal (albeit it will need
to be modified because of how brain dead its schema is) for a CMS.

However everything will come in time and right now our focus is maturing
LedgerSMB and building the community. Something that is very time
consuming but showing very productive signs at this time.


Joshua D. Drake
LedgerSMB Core Team


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