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Re: Trac svn-integrated issue tracking system

We have talked about it.  At the moment we are staying with
Sourceforge, mailing lists, IRC, and the like (IRC is actually where a
lot of the stuff happens).  Mostly this is due to the fact that the
current set up is good enough for the moment and we would rather be
working on the software than migrating stuff.

That could change though.  We have Trac proponents on the core team :-)

In fact, let me rephrase that last bit:

If our project continues to grow, it will likely change.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 11/13/06, Jeff Kowalczyk <..hidden..> wrote:
It is encouraging to see ledger-smb's use of subversion and the developers'
requests on this list for comment regarding development direction.

Given this community's apparent orientation toward process-driven development,
would there be resources to deploy a system such as Trac? It might scale a
little better than mailing list threads for feature design.

Trac integrates a timeline of subversion repository operations with issue
tracking, project milestones, changeset browsing and wiki-style documentation.

Freed from the sourceforge UI, users and developers might fully utilize issue
tickets to describe and improve the many odd corners of a large accounting
system, especially one that is to be retroactively documented.

Note: I am not sure if/how well Trac will work with the subversion repository
remaining on the sourceforge servers and the Trac instance on a locally-managed
server. The vtigercrm project ended up moving everything to a server provided
by one of the system-integrator firms.


(self-documenting release management)

(commit-message ticket closing is the most attractive feature, IMHO)


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