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Trac svn-integrated issue tracking system

It is encouraging to see ledger-smb's use of subversion and the developers'
requests on this list for comment regarding development direction.

Given this community's apparent orientation toward process-driven development,
would there be resources to deploy a system such as Trac? It might scale a
little better than mailing list threads for feature design.

Trac integrates a timeline of subversion repository operations with issue
tracking, project milestones, changeset browsing and wiki-style documentation.

Freed from the sourceforge UI, users and developers might fully utilize issue
tickets to describe and improve the many odd corners of a large accounting
system, especially one that is to be retroactively documented.

Note: I am not sure if/how well Trac will work with the subversion repository
remaining on the sourceforge servers and the Trac instance on a locally-managed
server. The vtigercrm project ended up moving everything to a server provided
by one of the system-integrator firms.


(self-documenting release management)

(commit-message ticket closing is the most attractive feature, IMHO)


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