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Re: Feedback on new customer/vendor proposal


I want to make the current customer/vendor/shipto structure go away
for 1.3.  It would be replaced by:

Sounds excellent.  Just a few thoughts:

- In general I only *buy* from my suppliers and only *sell* to my customers. ie for 95% of my contact base there is a clear distinction as to whether I want them to be an option in the drop down list on different types of invoice. However, there are a smaller (but definitely not zero) number of situations where I buy&sell to one contact (off the top of my head, sell to a customer then buy back second hand item some time later. Also occasionally we sell a few line items to companies that we normally use as a supplier) - It would be nice to be able to setup customers as one type or another so that drop down lists are shorter and clearer (but also to be able to change a customers "type" later if their role changes). I assume that this is so obvious that you have already thought of it, but I thought it worth stating the obvious?

2)  Companies would have contacts which would be designated as
billing, shipto, or misc.  Contacts would have relevant contact
information (name, address, phone, email, etc).  Billing and shipto
contact types would have a primary or default contact for each type.

Sounds very useful. I deal a lot with customers who travel the world and so they have a) a normal billing address, b) a normal delivery address (which is probably the same as (a) ) and c) the actual delivery address where they are in the world right now.

Now the time consuming bit is as follows: I also have some of my suppliers ship direct to my customers (drop shipment), so I currently need to tap in the invoice for my customer, then duplicate the same invoice for my supplier, tapping in the delivery address into both invoices. So it would be quite useful to have the interface extended in the case of purchase invoices to be able to search for addresses of our customers and/or shipment addresses used in recent sales orders. Does this sound sensible?

Thanks for listening

Ed W