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Feedback on new customer/vendor proposal

Hi all;

This is sort of my final draft on this matter.  I have incorporated a
lot of feedback from other people on it.  Just making sure there isn't
anything I have missed.

I want to make the current customer/vendor/shipto structure go away
for 1.3.  It would be replaced by:

1)  Companies (customer or vendor) which would have attributes like
ar_terms, ap_terms, ar_creditlimit, ap_creditlimit, sic, iban, bic,
tax_id, pricegroup, and so forth.

ap and ar would have separate terms and credit limits because these
are different things in ap than ar (i.e. if your vendor gives you a
net 30 account with a $5000 credit limit, it would be awkward at best
and unworkable at worst not to be able to adjust the terms and credit
limit you give them).

2)  Companies would have contacts which would be designated as
billing, shipto, or misc.  Contacts would have relevant contact
information (name, address, phone, email, etc).  Billing and shipto
contact types would have a primary or default contact for each type.

3)  Currently, I am going to leave the shipto table there, and copy
records into it when adding an invoice.  we can revisit this later as
we get to invoices, though personally I think the shipto table will
only require some slight modifications.

It has also been requested that we allow searches on pricegroup.  I
would also like to add search options by sic as well because that
might be useful for preparing marketing lists.

Any other concerns, feedback, etc?\

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers