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Re: Adding extra custom reports

On 11/6/06, Jeff Gerritsen <..hidden..> wrote:
On Mon November 6 2006 12:45, Chris Travers wrote:
> ...
> We are moving in that general direction.  However, there are
> legitimate questions about how far to take this.  Certainly we intend
> to get all the logic out of the UI code and move to a templating
> system.  Certainly we intend to put most or all all data logic in the
> database.  But there is a legitimate disagreement about how far we
> take this beyond this point.    In particular, there are limits to how
> much logic can be placed in a PostgreSQL stored procedure due to
> limitations on returned datatypes (and the fact that one cannot add to
> these on the fly).

Chris what templating system are you folks planning on using?  May I suggest
template toolkit?

After a long conversation on IRC last night, there are two points:

1)  It looks like most of the core logic will be XML/XSLT-based
because this will make it easier to implement web services and
cross-app widgets.

2)  It looks like we certainly want to implement support for arbitrary
(and user-configurable) templating systems.  This is in part to ensure
that templates from older systems (like the current template
structure) can continue to be used without undue migration headaches.
This might also allow for new features to be implemented first as
standalone features in the web app and then moved to the XML core.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

The current structure we are looking at looks like it will be: