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Re: [SL] Adding extra custom reports

On Sunday 05 November 2006 14:53, Christopher Murtagh wrote on the 
sql-ledger-users list:
>  We're moving as much
> of the code as we can to CPAN modules where appropriate, re-factoring
> most of the code structure, trying to separate UI from logic even
> further, enhancing for security best-practices and restructuring the
> database to use the features in Postgres (the trade-off being we've
> decided to drop support for any other database). With core Postgres
> developers as part of our fork, it would be insane for us to not take
> full advantage of this resource.

Ok, since your plan is to rewrite a bunch of stuff anyway, and 'sole-source' 
postgres, I'd like to drop in my two cents on one of my pet peeves from 
SQL-ledger (as background I've been using SQL-ledger since V1.8.3 and have 
been generally happy)

Currently there is 'logic' in both the front-end code, and the back-end code. 
I'd like to see both go away, and move all the logic into pgpsql embedded in 
the database, getting rid of the 'backend' completely.

What this does, is basically puts all the transaction logic in one safe place. 
Now the system and the UI have no relation to one another.

Down the road, one could create a Qt interface for a pretty GUI, or a use the 
existing web based UI, or any other interface (i.e. DBI/DBD) without fear of 
messing up data.

--Just my two cents