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Re: Adding extra custom reports

On Mon November 6 2006 12:45, Chris Travers wrote:
> ...
> We are moving in that general direction.  However, there are
> legitimate questions about how far to take this.  Certainly we intend
> to get all the logic out of the UI code and move to a templating
> system.  Certainly we intend to put most or all all data logic in the
> database.  But there is a legitimate disagreement about how far we
> take this beyond this point.    In particular, there are limits to how
> much logic can be placed in a PostgreSQL stored procedure due to
> limitations on returned datatypes (and the fact that one cannot add to
> these on the fly).

Chris what templating system are you folks planning on using?  May I suggest 
template toolkit?

> My own preference is to have a three tier structure with strict
> separation in logic between the tiers.

Jeff Gerritsen