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Re: [SL] Adding extra custom reports

Hi David;

In general, you will find little disagreement from our team.  We are
expecting to implement UI templating in 1.3 though not all the UI may
be moved to the new system for some time.  There are some
technological and practical challenges involved in the decision of
exactly what and how much logic should be moved into the database

However, I don't think we will get to a point where we have to decide
exactly where to draw this line for a long time because there is a
*lot* of logic we all agree needs to be contained within the database.

On 11/6/06, David Ratte <..hidden..> wrote:

Currently there is 'logic' in both the front-end code, and the back-end code.
I'd like to see both go away, and move all the logic into pgpsql embedded in
the database, getting rid of the 'backend' completely.

We are moving in that general direction.  However, there are
legitimate questions about how far to take this.  Certainly we intend
to get all the logic out of the UI code and move to a templating
system.  Certainly we intend to put most or all all data logic in the
database.  But there is a legitimate disagreement about how far we
take this beyond this point.    In particular, there are limits to how
much logic can be placed in a PostgreSQL stored procedure due to
limitations on returned datatypes (and the fact that one cannot add to
these on the fly).

My own preference is to have a three tier structure with strict
separation in logic between the tiers.

What this does, is basically puts all the transaction logic in one safe place.
Now the system and the UI have no relation to one another.

Transaction logic is data logic. You won't find many objections to
putting it into the database to the greatest extent possible.

Down the road, one could create a Qt interface for a pretty GUI, or a use the
existing web based UI, or any other interface (i.e. DBI/DBD) without fear of
messing up data.

Already there are plans for related GUI applications for some environments.

--Just my two cents


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