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Re: Adding extra custom reports


I have done a few projects where we stuck a lot of code on the DB server and whilst it's nice in theory, it did lead to a DB performance bottleneck, and it is a bit limiting when later on you suddenly wish that you could support other databases after all (eg replication is stronger in MySql...)

With regards to a GUI frontend, subject to the limitation that you either don't mind a middle tier then you can build your web api as the interface to the backend. OR you could perhaps make the backend a perl module and write the GUI in perl with something like wxperl (which is fantastic AND cross platform)

I think that moving more stuff to the backend should not be rushed and make sure that there really is some genuine need for each change...

Also, I like the idea of MVC style programming. SL seems to have gone a little down this route (more than other web apps for example), but not to a significant degree. I have been doing some recent development in Ruby/Rails which was my first experience of MVC done well. I have to say that it makes the code dramatically more readable and maintainable (plus it helps to some extent in making it possible to slap a GUI on the whole thing)

Ed W

P.S. If you haven't already had a play with WxPerl then go write something today. Fab toolkit!