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Re: [SL] Adding extra custom reports

On 11/6/06, David Ratte <..hidden..> wrote:
Ok, since your plan is to rewrite a bunch of stuff anyway, and 'sole-source'
postgres, I'd like to drop in my two cents on one of my pet peeves from
SQL-ledger (as background I've been using SQL-ledger since V1.8.3 and have
been generally happy)

Currently there is 'logic' in both the front-end code, and the back-end code.
I'd like to see both go away, and move all the logic into pgpsql embedded in
the database, getting rid of the 'backend' completely.

What this does, is basically puts all the transaction logic in one safe place.
Now the system and the UI have no relation to one another.

This will take a lot of time to complete, but generally I agree with
this idea completely. I think it might be a bit optimistic to see this
done by 2.0 although this did come up on IRC a couple of times. Any
thoughts from lsmb-devel folks?