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Re: Moving to a central db

Just to be clear, I am not saying that schemas are never appropriate
or even that I don;t think that businesses should never be organized
this way.  I just think that in most instances there is less risk to
organizing things into database.  In instances where schemas are more
appropriate (for example, two sole proprietorships owned by the same
person might be more useful to organize this way since you could do
joint income statements, etc), perhaps we should explore offering this
as an option?

Also it makes a *lot* of sense to me explore two ideas in the future:

1)  Move the users tables into a schema.
2) tie user accounts to databases and ask for a database when logging
in.  These names could be  mangled using standard rules if necessary
so that My Cool Business, inc. becomes "my_cool_business_inc" or
something like that.   For single db installations, this could be set
as a configuration parameter.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers